Benoît Vermander / 魏明德


Benoît Vermander, s.j., born in 1960, holds a PhD in political science (Sciences-Po Paris) and a doctorate in theology (Jesuit Faculties of Paris). He has also a MA/MPhil in political science from Yale University and a Master in Theology from FuJen University. He is the chief editor of the Chinese language monthly Renlai and the electronic magazine He presently teaches philosophy and religious science in Shanghai. His publications focus on religions in China today, art and spirituality, and sustainable development in Asia. (...)
Under the artist name of Bendu (笨笃), he also creates works of Chinese painting, calligraphy and digital art. He studied under the direction of Sichuanese painter Li Jinyuan (李金远). In concert with Li Jinyuan he held expositions at the Réfectoire des Jacobins (Toulouse, 1996), the European Parliament (Strasbourg, 1996), the National Gallery (Beijing, 1997) and Gallery of Sichuan (Chengdu, 1997). He has held solo exhibitions at Fu Jen University (Taipei, 1993), University of San Francisco (1999), The French Institute in Taipei (2002), Chengdu's Academy of Painting and Calligraphy (2002), Beida Centre (Tainan, 2004), Kwanghua Centre (Hong Kong, 2005), the Tibeto-Mongolian Foundation (Taipei, 2008), Sunbow Gallery in Shanghai (2008), amongst various other places.



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