Embrace the Pacific--太平洋南島航海文化與藝術交流活動

The Taiwan Society for Pacific Studies is holding an International Conference in the Conference Room in the Basement of National Taiwan University's Library on the 5th June 2013 (Wed) from 9am until 5pm. The conference is titled "Embrace the Pacific: Exchange in Austronesian Navigation culture and art in the Pacific". There will be screening of the documentary 'Writings that Weave Waves' , as well as forums on Fijian navigation culture and Samoan Dance, lead respectively by the young Fijian navigator Setareki Ledua and the Samoan dancer Tupe Lualua. Register quick to avoid missing out: http://act.lib.ntu.edu.tw/act/show?id=436



縱觀大洋洲,舞蹈可謂最原初的文化表現,而航海則是南島民族為人類歷史所貢獻的輝煌篇章。今年六至七月,台灣太平洋研究學會邀請斐濟Pacific Voyager的青年航海家Setareki Ledua薩摩亞舞蹈家Tupe Lualua進行一系列的交流、講演及工作坊。首先,201365(週三)上午9至下午5,我們將於國立臺灣大學圖書館B1國際會議廳舉辦"Embrace the Pacific--太平洋南島航海文化與藝術交流活動」。當天亦有《潮浪譜寫共鳴》《我在這裡看見你》等紀錄片放映(於所羅門群島、新喀里多尼亞、台灣原住民部落等地拍攝)。歡迎及早報名參加,以免向隅!(按此進入報名系統)(如需公務人員終身學習時數,請於報名系統上填寫身分證字號。)