Pacific History Association 21st Biennial Conference 2014

The Taipei Ricci Institute, in partnership with the Taiwan Society for Pacific Studies will co-organize the next Biennial Pacific History Conference 2014, which will be held in Taiwan (3-6 of December). 

The Conference Themeis : Lalan, Chalan, Tala, Ara (Path)--Reconnecting Pacific-Asia Histories

In Proto-Austronesian, *zalan refers to path, way or means to do something. Words of the same cognate are widely found throughout the Pacific: lalan/dalan (Taiwan, Southeast Asia), chalan(Chamorro), tala (Solomon Islands) and ara/ala (Polynesia) are some examples that exhibit the strong connections of people and places since ancestral times. The path originates from the past, and points to the future; it links tradition to the present; and it denotes both history and future prospects as an inter-linked whole..

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「太平洋歷史學會國際學術研討會」(PHA Conference)1980年開始在不同的太平洋南島國家舉辦,每年皆有150-200位來自大洋洲、紐澳、美加、亞洲等各國學者參與發表論文。今年,PHA Conference將首次在台灣舉辦。為期四天的會議中,首日將在台北集結,於台灣大學舉辦首日會議;之後移駕台東,在原住民文化最為豐富多元的台東舉辦學術會議以及文化參訪活動。

本屆會議以「從台灣到大洋之路–太平洋與亞洲歷史之再現與重繫」為題。在英文版主題中,同時以Lalan, Chalan, Tala, Ara四字,其分別為台灣阿美語、南島查莫洛語、斐濟語以及毛利語之「路」(Path)語彙,強調台灣原住民與大洋洲南島民族在遷徙歷史與語言文化上的連結。「路」始於過往的足跡,並且指向未來,亦表達了現今太平洋人文研究的內涵。此外,「路徑、通道」也象徵台灣的獨特地位:從遠古到當代,台灣既是南島民族遷移路徑的關鍵,也是太平洋與亞洲連結的樞紐。